I’m back! (Again.)

Before I say anything else, I have to say just one thing to Don Quixote for the incredible posts he did at this blog while I was away:  THANK YOU!!! I didn’t just leave the blog in good hands; I left it in the best hands.  Now I’m back, though, and all of my blog visitors will have to suffer through my fulminations and ruminations once again.  Sorry….

I actually won’t start blogging tonight.  We got home only a couple of hours ago, and I’m quite busy unpacking, doing laundry, chivvying the kids along, and just basically working through the fatigue of a long day.  Over the next few days, however, I plan to blog about cruising, Alaska, climate change, crazy people (yes, we saw a couple), and all sorts of other stuff that piqued my interest during the last two and a half weeks.  If I beg nicely enough, I might also have some materials from a very special guest contributor, but I’m not holding my breath.  I’ll also ruminate on politics as usual, although I’m sadly late to the party of “Obama’s Worst Week Evah!”

Lastly, I have almost 300 blogging related emails to go through, and expect to find some exciting material in there, some of which will still be current enough to pass onto to you.  So, time allowing, this should be a busy place over the next few days.  Yay!