Just an aside about narcissism

Narcissists are empty-vessels.  Whether through nature or nurture, or both, their sense of self-worth never developed.  To compensate, they built around that empty center a carapace of arrogance and, quite often, great accomplishment, but the hole is always there.  Self-worth is never internal, it is always reflected.  If the narcissist has near him the beautiful woman, the expensive car, the luxury home, the grand job title, maybe, just maybe, he can fill that void.  Everything close to him is the mirror into which he peers in a desperate attempt to see himself as worthy.

For this reason, narcissists are hell on wheels on those within their control.  Through cajolery, manipulation, abuse, criticism, and brute force, they relentlessly seek to create perfection in “the other,” desperately hoping that, if they can achieve that goal, they will improve their own sense of self-worth.

I say this based on personal observation of some narcissists I know — but isn’t it a perfect description of Obama’s relationship to the United States, the country over which he now exerts executive control?