The chimera that is Obama’s much vaunted friendship with Israel

Ages ago, I can’t remember when, I was hunting around to find out if it was true that the Obama administration is refusing to sell arms to Israel.  The information on that was inconclusive, so I abandoned that whole topic.

What’s conclusive now is that, for boasting rights, the Obama administration is selling arms to Israel — but the real truth is that they’ve made the deal so difficult, and risky, that Israel agonized for months about taking the deal, and ended up getting only a quarter of what it actually needed.  Needless to say, when Israel says it needs arms, what with an almost-nuclearized Iran looking over its shoulder, it really needs those arms.

In other words, Obama got a photo op and Israel, again, got screwed.

Since this is Obama-land, of course, it’s worth remembering that Israel is not the only one getting shafted.  Others are, as well, with equally dire consequences.

Obama is not a starry eyed “liberal,” in the useful idiot mode, which was the benefit of the doubt I was willing to give him two years ago.  Instead, he is repeatedly proving that he is a genuinely evil man, both in his acts, and in his failures to act.  Whenever there is a choice between siding with liberty and justice, versus siding with totalitarianism and brutality, he will chose the latter every single time.  He may not personally sully his own hands, but he relentlessly enables others to sully theirs.