The irrelevancy of Christine O’Donnell’s personal beliefs *UPDATED*

Much as I adore blogging, it takes a lot of effort to write up posts all the time.  I also get ideas sometimes when I’m not near my computer, and would love to be able to go with the energy of that particular moment.

The long and the short of it is that I’m thinking about adding podcasting to my repertoire.  Before I commit to a regular podcast, however, I need to see if I can get over my stage fright — a stage fright so severe that I get freaky just making a voice recording in private, because I know that at a later time people will be listening to it.

Since the best way to get over this fear is just to go ahead and face it down, and the best time to start is now, the link below is my first effort at breaking away from the keyboard and finding my voice.  Please forgive the talkos, which are the spoken equivalent of typos.  I really need to get a handle on those nerves….

UPDATEMy point exactly.  She “gets” the Constitution, and that’s why Delaware’s conservatives “got” her.  Bottom line, Progressive media hysteria is more about the fact that she has faith, than the form her faith takes.  I know liberals — no kidding — who truly believe that separation of church and state should be understood to mean that people with anything more than lip-service religious beliefs should not be allowed to serve in elected office.