Worst campaign ad ever?

Some ads are so bad they’re good.  And some ads are so bad . . . they’re just really, really bad.  Lisa Murkowski’s first stab at her write-in campaign seems to have fallen into the latter category.

It’s karma that her ad is so, so awful.  This is a woman who inherited a seat, and who thinks she’s therefore entitled to hold it forever.  She has nothing to offer that the Republican candidate for Alaska’s Senate seat, Joe Miller, West Point Grad (oh, and Yale too), and Bronze Star winner, can’t do better and, clearly, with more grace.  (Frankly, a gorilla could demonstrate more grace than this clumsy, careless effort.)

[For those who cannot see this video — and I bet they withdrew it because of a typo in the campaign website address — it shows “students” being taught how to do a write-in.  It is stupid, boring and, worst of all, condescending.]