The Democrats and the bad massage

When I was studying for the State Bar exam, a long, long time ago, my mom suggested that I get myself a massage, to help me with the tension.  It seemed like a good suggestion, I so dutifully took myself to a highly recommended masseuse.

The masseuse began working on my neck, and I hit the ceiling:  “Ow!  That hurts, that hurts.”  Her response was interesting.  She could have said, Oh, I’m sorry.  I didn’t realize you were so stiff/sensitive.  Let me change my technique.”  (Adapting to failed circumstances.)  Or she could have said, “Yeah, I know that hurts, but this is the only way to bring down the muscle spasm.”  (Explaining why some pain was ultimately a good thing.)

What amazed me was that she didn’t do either of those things.  Instead, she said, “This is not supposed to hurt, it’s supposed to feel good,” and proceeded with exactly the same painful technique.  Narcissism in action. I, being wimp in action, lay there and let her hurt me.

If you think about it, though, her approach is precisely the same approach we’re seeing from the Democrats with regard to the economy.  They’re not stopping, examining the situation and changing tactics, despite the manifest evidence that their original tactics (spending America’s way out of debt) are not working.  They’re not explaining to the American people that the current pain is a necessary step along the way to America’s ultimate economic recovery (perhaps because they can’t make that statement with a straight face).  Instead, in the face of pain and failure, they’re telling us “this feels good, you’re getting better, this is the way it’s supposed to be.”

Although I was a wimp, which meant I put up with the pain while I was on her massage table, I was still a consumer with mobility in a marketplace.  Once I staggered out of there, I never went back.  Instead, I found a gentler, more effective masseuse.  (And I passed the Bar, which alleviated my stress considerably.)

Americans, however, have a very limited marketplace right now.  Unless they can get some Republicans into Congress post haste, they’re stuck with this bad massage until at least 2012.  If they’re really unlucky, by 2012, their fiscal muscles will be so damaged, it will take prolonged therapy to remedy them, if it’s even possible.

My point?  Vote.  Vote for the Republican.  Ignore the fact that your Republican is being slandered by opponents and by the media.  Ignore the fact that your Republican, who is a citizen new to the political process, may make some missteps.  Ignore the fact that your Republican might have some ideas with which you don’t agree.  In this unique election year, the only thing that matters is killing the Democratic majority.