When it comes to the military, Obama can’t be bothered.

Did you know that the last Sunday in September is Gold Star Mother’s Day, which is a day meant for Americans to honor mothers who have lost a son or daughter who was serving in the United States Armed Forces?

It won’t surprise you, I’m sure, to learn that, on Saturday, George and Laura Bush hosted a response for local Gold and Blue star mothers.

I’m sure it also won’t surprise you to learn that our current president and his wife, despite an empty calendar (i.e., no pressing business, and despite his Constitutional role as Commander-in-Chief, did nothing at all.  After all, this is the same president who refused his Generals’ advice about best practices in Afghanistan, because it would offend the base.

When told that 40,000 troops would be the best number for a true effort in Afghanistan (which means either fewer troop deaths or that such deaths as occur are towards a purposeful goal), he picked the number 30,000 as a politically expedient compromise.  Since the number has no military value, meaning it will not fully serve troop effectiveness, it can only be seen as adding more fish to the barrel in the Taliban gun sights.

I wonder when our troops will stop their endless forbearance towards a man who manifestly views their service and sacrifice as meaningless.

Hat tip:  Sadie