We’ve met the enemy and… he is “us”!

Not militant Islam, not a resurgent Russia or China, not North Korea, not Iran….us! Conservatives, independents, and anyone else that disagrees with his agenda. Or, so says President Barack Hussein Obama.

Why is it that Barack Hussein Obama and other Lefty presidents and presidential wannabees (Kerry, Gore, Clinton, Carter) feel compelled to rouse their base by saying “I will fight for you…against…[insert name of individual or group]” when it is clear that whom they plan to fight against are other Americans that disagree with them? With Obama and Clinton, these attacks became personal against specific individual American citizens (Rush Limbaugh comes to mind).

What ever happened to the idea of the President as our leader? Isn’t he /she supposed to be “our” leader, as in the leader of us all? Instead, these Lefty Presidents position themselves as the great dividers, exhorting groups of Americans to fight each other.

Please help me remember. Did Reagan talk this way? Nixon? Bush I? Bush II? I remember George W. Bush, for example, being gracious toward even his most vituperative opponents (e.g., Cindy Sheehan) and making a point of standing up for the rights of other Americans to disagree with him.

If only Barack Hussein Obama could muster as much indignation toward our country’s real enemies instead of trying to pit Americans against one another.

Obama has publicly labeled me the “enemy” on the basis of my beliefs and values. He has publicly exhorted his followers to fight against me. Sadly, I have to say, Barack Hussein Obama is not my President. He told me so.