Miscellaneous stuff

Re friendly fire and the risks about which we ought not to complain: What he says.

Re the WaPo’s cowardly, dhimmi decision not to run a Wiley cartoon: What he says.

Re the execrable Jimmy Carter and his non-stop reminiscences and hectoring:  What he says.

Re the question “if you’ve lost Time Magazine, have you lost America”:  I don’t know, because it’s unclear if Time speaks for America, but you’ve certainly alienated your liberal media.

Re the fact that all organizations, to retain power and meaning long after their original purpose has faded, hew left, to the point of malevolent, infantile stupidity:  What he says, here and here.  (Keep in mind that even the reliably Progressive San Francisco Chronicle wasn’t able to hold its nose long enough to endorse Boxer.)

Re the poison of Wahhabiism:  One European Muslim gets it.  As for me, I’m seeing more and more and more veiled women in San Francisco and Marin.  I don’t know if this reflects incoming immigrants or if women who have resided in the US are being forced into the veil.  All I know is that it sends a chill through me to see women wrapped up like ugly packages because their men are so insecure and misanthropic that they do not believe men are capable of self-control.

Re government health care and you:  Greeks amputate, rather than treat (it’s “cheaper”).