“Why I voted Democrat” (and it’s not because I’m smart or informed) *UPDATED*

American Digest is getting lots of hits for this list, and deservedly so.  It surely explains what’s happening in California, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, etc.

UPDATE:  And if you want something that will make you laugh, this will.  I need to laugh.  I’m bummed, although not surprised, about California.

UPDATE II:  SGT Dave said in a comment that the call for Boxer and Brown was made with only 8% of votes counted (which assertion made sense, ’cause the call came in practically minutes after the polls closed).  That really gets my goat.  No one should ever concede until the last vote is counted.  Statistical projections are not votes.

Last I heard, it appears that Renee Elmers won against the execrable Bob Etheridge, but he isn’t yet conceding.  Although it galls me to say it, I think he’s right.  Although I sincerely hope he loses, it’s not over ’til all the votes are counted.