Bob Etheridge is ungracious to the end — so Renee Ellmers needs your help.

Bob Etheridge is demanding a recount against Renee Elmer.  Apparently he understood what I said yesterday, which is that a candidate shouldn’t concede before the last vote is counted.  He seems to think that he shouldn’t concede even long after the last vote is counted.  But still, a recount is his right.

Recounts, though, mean election lawyers, and election lawyers mean big expenses.  Renee Ellmers ran a lean, mean campaign from the start.  She was never a big money candidate.  (No Whitmaning here.)  She therefore needs to have a refill on her war chest to make sure that she’s properly represented for this post-election recount.  If you still have a few pennies left over after this monumental campaign season, can you spare some for Renee?  Thank you.