Veteran’s Day posts (updated throughout the day)

Our president — MIA.

Who becomes a veteran?  (A poem)

Remembering the ones who were forgotten.

I’m a day late, but my respect is unbounded:  Happy Birthday, Marines!

The battles they win aren’t just overseas.

President Reagan’s Veteran’s Day address in 1985.

A beautiful compilation of videos honoring our troops.

Remembering the Vietnam vets.

On a sour note, not everyone appreciates those who fight for freedom.

Michelle Malkin also has a video tribute.

I prefer it when the hero lives to tell the tale, but sometimes heroes die:  the story behind a posthumous Navy Cross.

J.E. Dyer on the end of War to End All Wars, and the legacy it left behind.

American Digest honors our veterans.

One vet’s amazing recovery.