The heroes the media ignores *UPDATED*

Apropos my earlier post about the media’s obsession with those troops who are mortally or permanently damaged, here’s a story about a warrior who refused to be victimized — a story one can’t even imagine appearing in the MSM.

Truly, I honor and admire all who serve, and I don’t mean to be unsympathetic to those who make ultimate or extreme sacrifices for this country.  I simply resent that the media ignores people who triumph over their enemies and focuses only on those who triumph only over their own injuries (and here’s another example of that).  Both should be celebrated, not just the latter.

And yes, I know that the media’s obsession is both part of its nature (the whole victim thing) and part of its anti-war bias (a warning to all young men and women that war brings only death and destruction). Knowing the root causes of the media’s failure to acknowledge bravery in the field of battle, not just in the recovery room, still gets my goat.

UPDATE:  A bit outdated (from 2007), but a little video about Brad Kasal, the warrior who kept on fighting: