I wonder how the statistics break down by religion vis a vis Sweden’s large number of rapes *UPDATED*

I have long been under the impression, thanks to Fjordman, that Muslim men see Swedish women as rape-worthy (see this or this, for example).  I wonder if that fact doesn’t explain some of the high rape numbers in Sweden, while Sweden’s political correctness and fear of offending Muslims could account, in part, for the low conviction rate.

Time Magazine, of course, which published the article to which I linked regarding Sweden’s appalling rape statistics, is way too PC ever to examine whether the culture clash between liberated Swedish women and misogynistic, violent Muslim men is a factor behind the problem.

UPDATESuek’s comment deserves to be widely read, because it clarifies that this is not just a war against women, but an out-and-out war:

It is a form of passive aggressive war.  Attack the women who cannot effectively defend themselves.  In their country, those women would then be killed – but it would be done by their own family members, truly a horrible form of war.  In a Christian land, if the men defend the women whether by physical action or legal action, then the fighting begins in earnest.  If the men do not defend the women, then the muslims continue to rape so that the women turn against their own men, and the country basically has been defeated.

Slaves have no right to deny sexual “favors”.  The muslims are basically saying “we own you and we will do whatever we want to you”.  That Sweden tolerates it is revealing.