DADT repealed *UPDATED*

The military is in for some big changes.  It remains to be seen whether they increase its effectiveness, whether they impair its functionality, or whether they prove to be utterly meaningless changes that affect the military not one whit.  I’m not a big one for making non-essential changes during wartime (and this is a social, not an essential, change), but my preferences do not count here.

UPDATE:  The big question now is whether all those colleges and universities that barred military recruiters, ostensibly because of DADT (think Elena Kagan), will now welcome the military back with open arms.  Incidentally, on facebook, where my gay friends are all celebrating DADT’s repeal, their updates and their friends’ comments indicate that they still revile the military and would never join.  That’s cool, but I’d hate to think that this whole thing — a thing that fundamentally transforms America’s fighting troops — was done merely to make a point.