Whither hence?

Sadie strikes again (thank you Sadie!) with another excellent topic suggestion, asking each of us as the new year begins to look back to the best and worst moments of last year and forward to predict the best and the worst of the year to come.

I’ll start.  On a personal level, the worst moment was when I found out my Dad has lung cancer and the best is when I got to visit with him and he was (and is) doing better than we had any reason to expect.  On a public level, the best is election day and the worst is, gosh, I don’t know, my beloved Pirates losing for the millionth consecutive season, proving once again their management is not the least bit interested in winning.  Seriously, I suppose the national debt ballooning even more out of control than ever.

Who knows what will happen next year.  My guess is that prices will start to rise sharply, but not be seen as out of control just yet and that the Republicans will not do at all what they have been elected to do.  If that happens, I don’t know how the Tea Party members will react and I’d be especially interested in hearing from Tea Party members on that subject.

Okay, your turn.  What’s your best and worst from last year and what do you expect from the new year.  And, by the way: