While we’re talking about shows, why have we suddenly become so sadistic?

Sports fans like me have always watched events in which people got hurt.  In some cases, hurting the opponent is the point (boxing, MMA).  But the events were played by people dedicated to their sports who were striving to be the best they could possibly be at their level, be it high school, college, pros, Little League, whatever. 

Now, though, as a society we’ve developed a taste for completely pointless blood.  I’m thinking of things like the Jackass movies and the Wipeout TV show.  For those who don’t own TVs, Wipeout is basically a competition between ordinary folks trying to do impossible things and risking life and limb in the process.  Entertainment Weekly recently described Wipeout as “sadistically hilarious” and quoted one contestant as exclaiming, “I’m on television and America is about to watch me get hurt!”  EW gave the show an A, its highest rating. 

What on earth is going on here?  Can Christians and lions be far behind?