The New York Times has a temper tantrum

Today, the GOP takes over the House.  The New York Times is not pleased and wrote what is quite possibly the most ungracious editorial ever.  How can you top this for snark:

Those who had hoped to see a glimpse of the much-advertised Republican plan to revive the economy and put Americans back to work will have to wait at least until party leaders finish their Beltway insider ritual of self-glorification. Then, they may find time for governing.

I won’t quote any more.  Suffice to say that it all falls in the same vein.

The alleged pompous behavior, of course, is to read aloud the Constitution — you know, the seminal American document that simultaneous grants and limits power to the federal government.  As young Ezra Klein revealed, nothing irks Progressives more than people who actually think the Constitution means something.  To the extent they think it’s a cross between a relic and toilet paper, aggrandizing it by parading it around Congress is an insult.

The sad thing is that most NYT’s readers will nod their heads sagely and agree with the editorial.  Some, I hope, will be disgusted and seek other reading material.