The climate of hate *UPDATED*

Allen Guelzo has written one of the absolute best articles I’ve seen on the Left’s response to the Tucson shooting.  This is a hard thing to do — write one of the “absolute best articles” — because everyone who is conservative or sane has been writing wonderful articles about the insanity that erupted after the shooting.  This one fluidly rolls into one place all the other good stuff that everyone else is saying.

I’ve been struggling to find an analogy for the way in which the Left, after having spent the last 10 years indulging itself in a rhetorical orgy of murder, violence and rapine when it came to the conservatives, is suddenly calling for a cease fire.

The analogy goes something like this:  I work for a bank.  You steal from the bank.  When you get caught, you declare that banks are evil, and all banks should henceforth cease to exist.  That’s getting close to what I want to say, which is that, in a specific area of endeavor, one side behaves properly, and to its profit; while the other side behaves improperly, also to its profit.  When the other side’s malfeasance is caught, rather than changing its own behavior, it tries to shut down the whole enterprise.

Since I’m suffering from foggy brain this morning, perhaps you can create a wonderful analogy on my behalf.

UPDATE (10:05 a.m. PST):  Peter Wehner, in writing about Mark Halperin’s statements on TV, touches on my point, which is that the Leftist view is that the only time anyone should turn the other cheek is after the Leftist’s have already had their hits.

Somehow all of this reminds me of a guy I knew who had a terrible temper.  He claimed that the reason we fought was because I responded to his attacks.  The problem, he said, wasn’t that he was pitching, but that I was swinging at his pitches.  His proposed solution to our fights wasn’t that he should stop pitching, but only that I should stop swinging.