Maybe they just couldn’t find a clip of a Republican using the word “tomorrow”

The virtue of the media’s post-Tucson shooting attacks was that they were so blatant.  It was easy to challenge them because they bore no relationship to objective reality.

What’s harder to deal with are the attacks that fly below the radar.  You know the attacks really exist but, sometimes, if you converse with a Progressive or undecided, you feel as if you’re trying to explain bacteria to someone unfamiliar with a microscope.

The reason I’m maundering on with these philosophical ruminations is because of an almost funny promo at MSNBC regarding the upcoming State of the Union address.  The thirty second promo has clips of presidents from 1961 forward giving their addresses.  Like me, I bet you didn’t know that, in that 50 year period, we only had presidents from the Democratic party.  It’s true.  No Nixon, no Ford, no Reagan, no Bush 41, no Bush 43.  All of them sent down the Orwellian memory hole.

For us, though, the problem is proving that the Republican vanishing act was the result of (a) blind ideology by the MSNBC promo staff; (b) pandering to the stations shrinking audience, which foams at the mouth when it sees a Republican; or (c) a deliberate effort to remove Republicans from people’s consciousness.  Confront MSNBC, and they’ll surely tell you that (a) you’re imagining things, just as scientists were once laughed at for positing invisible life forms and/or (b) that the problem simply was that no Republican ever used the word “tomorrow” in an SOTU speech, and that’s what they were looking for.