My mother thanks you and I thank you.

Mr. Bookworm is not a hearts and flowers kind of guy, so he’s not thrilled to see his very hard-earned money go to such frivolities.  On the other hand, my mother is 88, and such frivolities bring a little light to the old-age she’s reluctantly coping with.  I decided, therefore, that this year I would give her flowers, but that I would use what I consider to be my money to pay for them.  My money, incidentally, is the money many of you have so generously contributed to my tip jar.  I know that, as a matter of law, it’s community property money, but the blog is so much a product of my love and labor, I feel ridiculously proprietorial about the small (but meaningful) profits it’s generated.

So this morning, I went to ProFlowers and ordered her a bouquet for Valentine’s Day.  It was a great bargain too:  a spring bouquet, a free vase, and expedited Valentine’s Day delivery, all for $40.03.  I know she’ll be delighted, and I’m awfully happy that your generosity made this possible.