You don’t DEMAND respect; you EARN respect

I find amusing Oprah’s insistence that Obama is entitled to respect because he’s struggling through a learning curve.  First, while there is always respect for the office, the man has to earn it.  Second, his learning curve is the whole problem.

Those of us who opposed Obama did so, not only because we disagreed with his politics, but because the man was going to take on the most important office in the world with zero experience in management, economics, national security, overseas dynamics, and all the other myriad issues for which a president is responsible.  If he’d been familiar with even some of those things, that would have been a head start, but he knew nothing.

Obama therefore doesn’t get any pass from me for his learning curve.  He — and the American people — just earned a little more disrespect for the arrogance of elevating this know-nothing to our highest office.

UPDATE:  Lincoln, who also had minimal experience, had eight miserable weeks to learn the job. He then spent the rest of his presidency earning our respect.