Joshua Goldberg, RIP *UPDATED*

On an irregular, but steady basis, I’d been corresponding via email with Joshua Goldberg for a couple of years, an email relationship that started before Lucianne launched Blogs Lucianne Loves, to which I contribute.  I always enjoyed his emails.  As you’d expect from someone who is son of Lucianne and brother of Jonah, his writing was always informed and funny.  When it came to BLL, which he managed, he was completely reliable — if you had a problem, Joshua fixed it.  My every interaction with him was pleasant and, though I never met him, I came away with the impression of a person I would greatly enjoy meeting.

Sadly, in this life, I never will get to meet Joshua.  Thomas Lifson writes that he died from injuries he received in a fall.  I am deeply, deeply saddened.  My heartfelt condolences go to his family and his friends.  Even I, who knew him only tangentially, will miss him.  I can only imagine their loss.

UPDATE:  Others remembering Joshua are The Anchoress and the Noisy Room. John Podhoretz has something to say too.  Brutally Honest also has condolences.  Lorie Byrd wrote as well.  And a few more thoughts:  Yid With Lid, Damn, Dirty Rino and Charlie Martin. It is a tribute to Joshua that, in an essentially impersonal medium, he was much loved.