I need your help

I’ve mentioned before that I’m planning on epublishing a book consisting of my favorite old posts.  The book represents the faint hope that, after seven years of compulsive writing, I’ll be able to make a little money.

I’m actually on on track for getting the book out in the next couple of weeks.  I’ve got most of the editing done and am now concentrating on the actual publishing which is, of course, confusing.  One of the confusing thoughts was figuring out to create a good cover.  Thinking about the cover made me realize something I’d forgotten:  I don’t have a name for the book.  Even worse, I don’t have the imagination to come up with a name for the book.  I want it to be a name that is catchy, imaginative and at least somewhat descriptive.  (The last is important, because I’m hoping to get buyers who may not be familiar with me.)

Don Quixote had a good, clever idea — Out of the Blue — but I’m a little worried that people will think it’s about flying, rather than a conservative in liberal land.  Also, the book isn’t really about my experiences as a conservative in liberal land.  I mention it (indeed, my first essay is on the topic), but it really is my usual smorgasbord of opining on everything from politics, to education, to presidents, to media, etc.  I can see titling the book Out of the Blue followed by a colon and a descriptive clause, but I don’t know what that clause would say.

You all have proven over and over that, when it comes to word play, you’re the professionals and I’m the piker.  Any suggestions?

Also, if you were looking for a book of political and social essays to while away several hours of reading, how much money would you be willing to pay?  The e-purchaser, unless he or she is already familiar with the writer, is gambling that he (or she) isn’t just throwing away money.  This is always true when buying books, but it’s especially true in the self-publishing ebook world.  People who self-publish don’t give the buyer the Simon & Schuster or Random House assurance that the book is even written in intelligible English.  (I’ve downloaded a lot of free Kindle books that were completely unreadable.)

I can’t price too low (e.g, the 99 cent level), because I’ll never achieve enough volume to make that low price worth my while.  Likewise, I can’t price too high (e.g., the $10 level), because I don’t have a publishing house or reputation at my back.  I was thinking $5.00, which struck me as a price that some people might be willing to gamble for a long read.  What do you say?