Jesus as an openly gay man

Paying work places its demands on me, but I thought you’d like to see and think about (and perhaps comment upon) an article that tries to imagine what it would be like if the newly discovered gospels reveal that Jesus was an openly gay man.  I find it a bit peculiar insofar as it seems to take large parts of the Christian message and reduce it to a guide for gay living, but that’s just me.

Oh, two things:  (1) You guys have to promise me that, even if you view this as offensive or sacrilegious, you won’t grab your swords, guns, and pitchforks, and launch a murderous assault a UN compound.  (2) As always, this is an opportunity for civil intellectual analysis against an article that can be viewed either as very silly or as yet another serious attack against core Christian doctrine.  It is not an opportunity to voice hostility to gays.  As to this last, I know that you guys are neither rude, nor homophobic, but I also know that it can get frustrating when a vocal minority uses a large soapbox to challenge cherished and deeply significant beliefs.