Starting to raise funds now to beat Obama

Obama has already thrown his hat in the ring.  Democrats therefore have a “payee” for their political donations.  The money can start rolling in instantly.

Republicans, however, don’t know yet who is going to be opposing Obama.  Pawlenty?  Trump?  Palin?  Bachmann?  Paul?  Cain?  An as yet unknown candidate?

The fact that we’ll only have a candidate when the primaries wrap up puts a terrible squeeze on fundraising.  There’s always the RNC as a repository but, with an unbelievably important Presidential election coming up, it would be nice to start filling the candidate’s coffers, rather than just contributing to generic Republicans

Showing that conservatives are starting to think outside of the box, there’s a new way to keep Obama from having the only pre-primary fundraising advantage.  Raising Red has come up with a fantastic idea for allowing conservatives to start fundraising now, despite the as-yet-unidentified candidate:

Obama has to go. We can’t wait until August of 2012 to build the war chest to defeat him. Make a donation now, and we’ll put it in escrow so that whoever emerges from the Republican Primary will have a running to start to beat Obama and save America.

That is pro-active thinking.  For that reason alone, Raising Red should be rewarded with some cash.