Is S&M prejudice the new racism? It is in Cosgrove and Grafton.

We’re getting used to the fact that, no matter what we say or do, we’re racist.  Want to shrink government?  You’re racist.  Want stronger border security?  You’re racist.  Think Obama is so inept even Carter looks good by comparison?  You’re racist.

A candidate in England, though, has taken the name calling to an entirely new level.  Up until a few days ago, she was just another Liberal Democrat running for office.  However, it turns out that she also has an interesting hobby:  “Art” photographs of her wearing ball gags, clutching her breasts, or having (fake?) blood dripping down her body have emerged at a website called DeviantArt.  This is not a wholesome, or even a normal, individual.  No surprise, then, that the Tories opposing her have made hay of the recently revealed photos, although they’ve been careful to limit their direct attacks at her politics.

The candidate, Holly-Ann Battye is not taking this lying down.  Her defense is both screamingly funny and, given the traction self-styled “victims” get after attacking alleged politically correct failures, disturbing:

The photographs emerged just two weeks before the country is due to go to the polls in the local elections on May 5.

Miss Battye, who has defended her ‘artwork’, claims it is being used against her as part of a personal attack on her character by political opponents.

‘I find it reprehensible that narrow-minded local Tories would seek to stifle proper political debate on their inadequate record while running SNC,’ she said

‘By deflecting people from the real issues they are trying to hide their failure to deliver decent services while spending money on grand new offices for themselves.

‘My artwork has nothing to do with this campaign but this slur has everything to do with the Tories feeling threatened.

‘I suppose they would prefer it if there was no democracy and only Tory candidates could stand, like in many of the seats across this ‘rotten borough’ they have created.’

Not only is Queen Victoria unamused at this travesty of democracy in her beloved middle class country, she’s spinning (not just rolling, but spinning) in her grave.

In putting up this post, I’ve classified it simply as “England.”  It occurs to me that I might want to start a new category called “The end of the world as we know it.”