Today, you can wade in my deepest thoughts without getting your ankles wet

My brain today is a clear, shallow pond, perhaps with a few fluttery goldfish drifting by (think Fantasia).  I’m trying have deep thoughts, but they’re eluding me.  I think the problem is that I spent chunks of my weekend alternately reviewing documents and trying to bulldoze my son into doing his 6th grade science project, with a little laundry thrown in on the side.  Between the one and the other, my brain got deleted.

I’m taking steps to remedy the problem.  In 30 minutes, I leave to have lunch with Don Quixote, which is always a scintillating and revitalizing experience.  If that doesn’t get some synapses firing, there may be no hope for me.

Until then — Yes, it’s Open Thread time.  Have at it, since I’m sure all of you are showing much more brain wave activity than I am.  Also, feel free to chime in with interesting book suggestions.  I always enjoy those.