Osama is dead *UPDATED*

On the subject of Osama’s death, I send you to Bruce Kesler and add “what he said.”  I’m with those who think it’s ironic that Osama was killed on Obama’s watch, because, aside from continuing Bush’s policies, he’s had nothing to do with the hunt for Osama, and has been back-tracking as fast as possible from the American-freedom-based principles underlying that hunt.

Oh, and regarding Osama — good riddance to bad rubbish.

UPDATE:  Woke up to learn that it was the Navy SEALS who actually took Osama out.  Are you surprised?  I’m not.  Who else could infiltrate Pakistan, have a fire fight, and kill Osama with a clean shot right above the eyes?  If you feel like doing something concrete to mark the death of one of the world’s baddest of bad guys, why not send a few dollars to the Navy League?

Now that Osama is dead, one of my super liberal old high school friends, whose kept true to his anti-war principles despite having Obama in the White House, says that we can now leave Afghanistan.  That strikes me as a remarkably naive view.  Osama may have planted the Al Qaeda seeds, but that plant has been flourishing for a long time without his ministrations.  I’m not saying we should stay in Afghanistan — there’s a healthy pro- and con-debate in the intelligent conservative community — but I do think that Osama’s death shouldn’t be a factor in the calculations.

Last thought:  They say that Pakistan helped, but I’m wondering just whom Pakistan helped.  I mean, maybe someone did point a finger in bin Laden’s direction, but it’s hard to believe that no one in the Pakistan government knew he was living in a mansion near the capitol.  Of course, I have no idea how long he lived in that mansion before the SEALS caught up with him.  If it was only a short time, I apologize to the Pakistani government for my calumnies.  If it wasn’t, though, I ask again whether they were helping us or him.

Oh!  A last thought after my other last thought:  I watched part of Obama’s “Osama is dead” speech last night.  The guy sounded like an alien.  There. was. a. tight. little. pause. after. every. word. he. spoke.  If his sphincter had gotten any tighter, I don’t think he could have moved his lips.  His descriptions of 9/11’s horrors were flat middle-school prose.  Please remind me who anointed this this immature robot a great orator?  I will give him credit for two things:  (a) continuing Bush’s policies and (b) ordering the hit.  He looked more pained, though, than happy by the outcome.

UPDATE II:  I like Ace’s stream of consciousness response to the news.

UPDATE III:  I also recommend Toby Harnden’s ten points, all of which make good sense to me.

UPDATE IV:   Military.com has a good run-down of events, including a loud and clear shout-out to the SEALS.