A little nag (from an expert, ’cause I’m a wife and mother)

But for the Navy SEALS, Osama would still be waltzing around Pakistan, hiding behind his wife.  The SEALS did an extraordinary job, right down to the incredibly accurate shooting that eventually sent Osama to, I hope, some place that is permanently fiery and painful.

May I again suggest a contribution, no matter how small, to the Navy League?  It is the preeminent non-profit organization dedicated to educating the public about sea power’s (read:  the Navy’s, the Marine’s and the Coast Guard’s) importance to national security.  It also supports the men and women who serve in those organizations.

As a civilian, I can’t praise the Navy League highly enough.  I donate what is, in the grand scheme of things, a relatively small amount of money and, in return, when the Navy comes to town and I get to board the Navy ships, I am treated like an honored guest.  Those interactions have meant that I’ve come away educated, not only about sea power’s importance to national security, but also about what fine organizations our maritime forces are, and what splendid men and women people those forces.