A gentle reminder to be gentle

I’ve received a few behind-the-scenes emails politely commenting that, sometimes, our comments are getting less than polite.  One of the great virtues of Bookworm Room is that we feel passionate about the topics that get discussed here.   The downside of passion, though, is that it can sometimes lead to intemperate conduct.  No one here has crossed the line into intemperate, but some of us are edging close to that line.

Bookworm Room works, in large part, because it’s a respectful environment for freely discussing ideas.  I don’t mind snark, pretty much because snark is my main method of communication.  I can live with sarcasm, too, as well as good-natured joshing.  Fortunately, that’s the emotional range in which most of the posts and comments here live.

If, however, you suspect that you’ve veered from snark, sarcasm, and genuine humor, into personal attacks that have no connection to humor, irony or cynicism, please rethink your comment.  I love you all dearly, and do not want to have to start deleting or editing posts.  That would make me feel like a policeman or school marm, rather than a fellow truth seeker.

By the way, since I am no fan of hypocrisy, if you feel that I’ve crossed the line, please let me know.