I can’t help but say, “I told you so” regarding the entire Andrew Sullivan/Jesse Kornbluth thing

In the past week and a half, I’ve had a couple of vigorous go-arounds with Jesse Kornbluth regarding his sycophantic Andrew Sullivan article in the Harvard Rag, er, Mag.  My take was that Kornbluth either carelessly missed or, worse, actually supported Sullivan’s shoddy journalism.  Kornbluth, as you may recall, anointed Sullivan as the world’s “best blogger.”  In his defense, Kornbluth threw his own resume at me (and, although I can’t recall right now, might have thrown Sullivan’s resume at me too).  He did not defend his failure to do deeper research into the myriad factual failings behind Sullivan’s coy, dishonest, and slanderous attacks on Sarah Palin, Trig Palin and the Tea Party.

After that whole go-around, I feel someone vindicated in my position (and totally disgusted, I might add), to learn that Sullivan, trying to defend Tony Kushner, relied on a radically antisemitic site to find a completely vile quotation falsely attributed to Yitzhak Shamir.  (For those who haven’t already heard, CUNY was originally going to give an award to Kushner, but was talked out of it when the depth, breadth and depravity of his antisemitism was exposed.  The usual suspects, Sullivan included, immediately sprang to his defense.)

For information about Kushner’s antisemitism (and don’t forget his anti-Catholicism), go here and here.

For the full story of Sullivan’s unsurprising dive into the antisemitic abyss, go here.