Facing facts

Randall Hoven is a numbers guy.  He’s not a “lies, damn lies and statistics” person, but an honest numbers broker.  In an article today he points out that the numbers favor Obama.  Not just the polling numbers (which always have him hovering around 50%), but the economic data numbers and the war numbers.  Those numbers are why Americans don’t care about, say, the dense, scholarly drill-downs showing that the stimulus was a gross failure on its own terms or about the fact that Obama hangs the “gone fishing” sign on his office more often than any other president in remembered history (or, perhaps, any history).

America is strong enough that she’s sort of weathered the recession (no thanks to Obama) and Obama was smart enough that he sort of held on to Bush’s war.  Between the one and the other, if one adds in the fact that name-brand Republicans have proven themselves craven and ineffectual, Americans see Obama is no worse than any other person would have been in the White House.