Helping Renee Ellmers

I mentioned last week that House Republicans, in an effort to use social networking better, are running a competition that sees members compete to optimize various social networking media.  My long-time blogfriend Lorie Byrd worked to help Renee Ellmers, a true Tea Partier, get elected, is now working to help her in this contest.

I recognize that this contest has nothing to do with the substantive issues plaguing America and Congress, but there is virtue to having Republicans better able to reach out to voters through new media.  Direct contact with the American voters is just one more way Republican politicians and candidates can by-pass the hostile, old drive-by media.

If you have a Twitter account and would like to help Ellmers, all you need to do is “follow” her here.  She’s currently competing against someone who has almost 5 times as many followers as she does before the contest has even begun, so it would be a fun underdog moment if she could win.