Health Chits

Sadly, there are still many, too many of those naive enough to believe that ObamaCare really, really was about reforming the health care system.

The news in the Daily Caller today that 20% of ObamaCare waivers went to Nancy Pelosi’s district lays out in stark detail the workings of the “Chicago Way”.

The first clue that something was fundamentally wrong with ObamaCare was the eagerness of Congress to exempt itself from ObamaCare’s provisions. Then there was Sarah Palin’s prescient prediction of “death panels” to oversee the allocation of health services to individuals. Then, there were the revelations that favored corporation and labor unions were lining up to petition their government betters for waivers, raising the question, of course, of why would so many line up for waivers if ObamaCare was such a great deal!

However, what the Daily Caller reports today is indicative of how government benefits have become hyper-politicized under this Administration. In Chicago, if you deliver the votes, your garbage gets picked up and your potholes fixed. On a national basis, you deliver the votes, you get a health care waiver or (in the example: Texas) emergency funding …or not…if your state suffers a national disaster.

This is how government subverts democracy – by confiscating and redistributing the wealth takings from the masses as rewards for loyalty. China and Ancient Rome managed political fiefdoms on this principle. So does Chicago. Today Chicago, tomorrow America. Just please don’t call it “democracy”.

Call it “Pay to play! ” If you vote or pay as demanded of you, you get favored health care treatment. If not, you go to the back of the waiting room line.