Palin’s bus trip

The Anchoress quite correctly identifies Palin’s bus trip as game-playing.  Palin, having been harassed unmercifully by the MSM since she burst upon the national political scene, is finally having her nyah-nyah-nyah moment.  She’s turned the tables and is now harassing the MSM, which is very satisfying.  The Anchoress suspects that Palin’s nose thumbing will not end well, and she may be right.

I wonder, though, if Palin might not end up reinstating what should be the norm, which is that the media is a news follower, not a news creator.  Because she’s keeping the media types guessing, they are unable to engage in their usual trick of shaping the narrative and are limited to actual reporting.  As the reporters are quickly discovering, the only alternative to actual reporting is whining.  They’re doing a lot of whining now, but they may soon realize is not a tactic that will endear them to a national audience.  (Even nasty jokes are hard to come by, as Jon Stewart discovered when he was limited to joking about the media’s whining, rather than his preferred target of Sarah Palin herself.)

So Anchoress is right that this may backfire on Palin herself, but I still wonder if it won’t open a door to the Republicans finally, finally, controlling the media rather than letting the media control them.

What do you think?