Apparently the AP has also fired its editorial staff

A sad story out of Los Angeles about a 780 year old relic stolen from a Catholic Church.  It was the last sentence, though, that made wince:

Police say they are seeking a woman who they call a person of interest.

Has no one taught these so-called “journalists” about the difference between subjects or objects?

Dear AP:  That last sentence should read “Police say they are seeking a woman whom they call a person of interest.”  If you need a down-and-dirty way to figure it out, try this:  You wouldn’t say “police are seeking she.”  You’d say “police are seeking her.”   If you’d use “her,” then you also use “whom.”  Simple.

Having said all this, I am ridiculously tired and could be hallucinating this whole thing, in which case AP is right, I am wrong, and I humbly apologize for my fatigue induced grammatical madness.