Why was Weiner forced out and not Clinton?

Sean Hannity professed not to understand why Weiner got forced out while Clinton didn’t.  I have to think that he was being disingenuous, because I think the differences are obvious:

1.  Weiner started the scandal by exposing himself to the world, figuratively and literally.  In Clinton’s case, until the blue dress suddenly emerged, it was a he said/she said scenario, which lasted long enough for Clinton to consolidate support.

2.  Nobody except Monica saw Clinton in action.  With Weiner, as more and more pictures emerged, not to mention those incredibly boring sex chats, the whole thing was shoved in our faces in gory detail.

3.  None of the above would have had any resonance but for the internet.  The internet allowed Weiner to be the ultimate exhibitionist, and it made his exhibitionism part of everybody’s living room, so to speak.  This was probably a turn on for him, but it turned voters off.

4.  Clinton was president; Weiner’s just a Congressman.  Weiner is more expendable than Clinton was.

Both engaged in exceptionally sordid behavior, but Clinton tried to maintain a modicum of privacy, and the internet did not exist to reveal his actual behavior.  We learned about what Clinton did as hearsay.  Unfortunately for us (i.e., all of us now need to disinfect our eyeballs), we actually got to catch Weiner in the act.