Your brilliant thought for the day

My post title is a lie.  Last night, just before falling asleep, I had a brilliant thought.  You know the kind — it was one of those insights that completely sums up our political scene in a single sentence.  This morning, I don’t have a thought in my head, plus I have a sneaking suspicion that last night’s epiphany was an insubstantial, illusory waking dream.

There are no deep insights to be had.  Our political scene is as we see it:  a president who appears committed to America’s dismantling; a feckless Congress; a solid, but unexciting Republican field; a disastrous economy; and a rising tide of sharia that our “betters” refuse to acknowledge.  If there are any insights to be had from this, they elude me.

I’m off for the morning for the suburban ritual of a swim meet.  Everything will be very normal (albeit cold, very cold).  People will be focused on their kids and their friends.  I wonder, though, how many will have a little niggling feeling of unease in the back of their minds, a sense that God might be dismayed in his Heaven and all might not be right with the world.  I know that I carry that sense with me all the time.