Connecting the dots re Huma Abedin *UPDATE*

Just the facts, and you get to reach your own conclusion:

  • Huma Abedin spent her formative years in Saudi Arabia.
  • Huma’s mother is a member of the female branch of the Muslim Brotherhood
  • While Huma was growing up, her father was a member of an organization closely linked to the Muslim Brotherhood.
  • Huma’s brother works closely with members of the Muslim Brotherhood.
  • Huma is herself a practicing Muslim.
  • Muslim women cannot marry non-Muslim men.  If the man doesn’t convert, the marriage is not recognized.
  • Anthony Weiner was raised Jewish and not publicly disavowed his faith.
  • Bill Clinton officiated at Huma’s wedding to Anthony Weiner.
  • Anthony Weiner was until recently a member of Congress.
  • There is no way to know when Weiner started engaging in inappropriate sexual behavior.
  • Huma is so tight with Hillary Clinton that, for many years, there were rumors that the two were lovers.
  • Hillary Clinton is America’s Secretary of State, one of the most powerful international positions in the world.

(I’m too lazy and rushed to collected links, but each of the above statements is verifiable.)

UPDATE:  One last fact — The Muslim Brotherhood is not friendly towards America.

UPDATE II:  Robert Avrech reports on a deeply disturbing aspect of the whole Huma/Weiner thing, which again shows a complicit media — although it’s a little hard to tell whether it’s complicit in something solidly dangerous or just complicit in the usual dhimmitude that passes for reporting nowadays.  Add People Magazine to the list of products I’d stop buying if I actually bought them in the first place.