Packing for a trip

You’ve probably noticed that I haven’t been blogging as much the last couple of days (or even the last several days).  I’ve certainly been aware that I haven’t spent as much time writing as I would like.  The reason is simple:  packing.  We’re heading off on a month long trip, and I’m trying to get everything and everybody in order for when I go.  This includes supplies, house/dog sitters, packing, travel plans, data, everything.  It’s been an enormous amount of work.

I will be somewhat communicado.  We’ve arranged to have a smart phone while we’re abroad, which will give us unlimited internet access when we’re ashore.  The several caveats to that are (a) the screen is teeny, as is the keyboard; (b) we’re not always ashore; and (c) Mr. Bookworm, rightly so, would divorce me if I spent my time ashore on the internet, instead of focusing on the family and the sights.

Much of our time away we’ll be on a cruise, but internet access on ship is insanely expensive ($100 for 250 minutes), and extremely slow.  I’m going to have internet access for a business venture I’ve embarked upon, but I have to use it sparingly.  I’ve arranged with DQ to send him emails posts about the trip, which he’ll put up here, but I know that it will be a very irregular correspondence.

The good news is that DQ and Danny will continue to post during the summer.  Indeed, that’s spectacular news, because both of those guys have put up some of the most popular posts this site has ever seen.  I’m also hoping for another summer poster, but in case that person is unable to do so, I won’t give the game away by naming that person now.

I’m not gone quite yet, but the next couple of days are going to be as insanely busy as the last few have been.  It’s quite a thing to get a family of four ready for a month long trip, both in terms of the trip itself, and in terms of getting the house ready for someone else to stay in it while we’re away.  I’ve been organizing like a man woman, since some atavistic sense makes me want my nest to be tidy for another bird.

And now, off to call the credit card companies so they don’t shut down my account when all the charges from abroad suddenly appear!