A quick post about the bureaucratic mindset

While still in the US, we sent online and bought Oyster Cards for the kid, giving them discounted tickets on the London metro system. As part of the purchase, we uploaded photos of our children. The tickets had to be picked up in person.

Yesterday we went to Victoria Station to pick up the cards. Unfortunately, we forgot to bring the kids’ passports. We did, however, bring the kids who look VERY kid-like. The clerk refused to give us the cards. ONLY the passports would prove that the kids were kids. Their child-like presence — which matches the photos we uploaded — was inadequate to the purpose.

This morning, armed only with their passports, but sans the kids themselves, my husband went to Victoria and got the cards.

By the way on a different subject, I’m wondering if you’ll even want me back in August. DQ and Danny are doing an amazing job of keeping this blog hopping. I’m awed by their contributions.