In case you aren’t seeing your comments

Hang in there.  There appears to be a problem with the system.  For those who don’t know, whenever you comment, the author of the original post gets an e-mail notification of your post.  I’ve gotten about a dozen notifications for the “Obama as centrist” post, but only 4 are appearing on my computer right now.  Apparently, something is wrong with the server.  Sorry for the problem.


P.S.  CM, gald to see you posting.  Welcome.


UPDATE:  Here’s the word from the administrator:


I sent an e-mail out yesterday concerning the server upgrade and the potential
that the site would disappear for a short period of time. The site did move
today but I am not seeing any outage. I believe there was probably a short
outage while the domain registrar change the dns records to point to the new
machine. It is quite possible that comments may have been left on the old server
that didn’t make them over to the new one of they happened in that

I will look to see if I can see anything. The site looks good
right now. Please feel free to contact me at any time if you find that the site
is not stable and I will look into right away.