Revolution? Then what?

We’ve had some interesting comments in the last day or so.  JJ has suggested we might have to scrap our government and start over.  Y-man has pointed out that democracy is not the only form of government around.  Moose and others have suggested that eventually the United States may no longer be United.

Personally, I’d agree with whoever it was who said that democracy [or the type of representative democracy that we call democracy these days] is the worst form of government, except for all the others.  And, while I agree that nothing lasts forever, including the United States, I’d be stunned if the country divided in my lifetime.  My boss has been telling me for 14 years that there would be rioting in the streets and revolution any time now.  Hasn’t happened.  I think the most likely sucession effort will be by California (and Arizona?  New Mexico?  Texas?) once it achieves an Hispanic majority.  I don’t see a conservative revolution on the horizon anywhere.

So, what do you think the odds are than any serious effort anywhere will be made to secede from the United States?  Where, when and by whom?  What are the chances of success?  If we scrap our government, what other forms of government, besides representative democracies, are likely to emerge?  What would you like to see emerge?  In short, is there anything to all these comments?