What bills would you pay?

The other day, a Republican spokesperson, I think it was Michele Bachmann was asked what bills the Republicans were saying should not be paid if the debt ceiling is not extended.  She determinedly refused to answer.  But, if the Republicans are going to actually refuse to lift the ceiling, they should be willing to say what they believe should be done.  So here is your chance.  To help you out, here is one possibility that jj put forward in a comment a few days ago:

“August federal government revenues are expected to be $172.4 billion,and
spending will amount to $306.7 billion.  The shortfall is, obviously, $134
billion.  (Annualized, this shortfall represents a shortfall of $1.6 trillion –
right in line with the last two years.)  So, a straightforward look at what
things cost  Everything above the line we can pay – no problem, no default,
nothing.  We’ll be a couple hundred million short.  Below the line, we can’t pay
for. (The far right column, if I can make columns here, is the running
Inflows:                       $172.4 billion
Outflows:                    $306.7 billion

August bills
Interest on Treasury Securities                       29.0 b
Soc-Sec Benefits                                                 49.2 b               78.2 b
Medicare/Medicaid                                           50.0 b             128.2 b
Defense/Vendor Payments                              31.7 b              159.9 b
Unemployment Insurance benefits                12.8 b              172.7 b
Military Active Duty Pay                                    2.9 b             175.6 b
Veterans Affairs programs                                  2.9 b             178.5 b
IRS Refunds                                                           3.9 b             182.4 b
Food/Nutrition Svces + TANF                           9.3 b              191.7 b
Federal Salaries and Benefits                            14.2 b             205.9 b
SBA                                                                           0.3 b             206.2 b
Education boondoggle BS                                  20.2 b             226.4 b
HUD                                                                          6.7 b             233.1 b
Other Assorted Bull****                                      72.9 b            306.7 b

There it is, the whole of the federal budget.  Everything above
the line can be paid, and there will be no default.  The top line, Interest on
Treasury Securities all by itself insures that there will be no default.   The
question for Obama to decide is, how about the rest of it?”


Well, the question may be for Obama, but let’s give him some advice since we (conservatives) are the ones forcing him to make these choices by refusing to raise the debt limit.  What would you pay and what would you not pay?