Bookworm’s reaction to the horror in Norway

With more information emerging from Oslo, I understand that the killer, a man with the blood of almost 100 innocents staining his hands, was a fierce opponent of Islamic immigration in Europe and that he claimed to be a Christian. We can anticipate that foes of illegal and unlimited immigration, both at home and abroad, can expect to be pilloried in the media. In anticipation of those attacks, I have a couple of things that should be noted:

First, unlike the large number of Islamists around the world, both in the streets and in the centers of some Islamic governments, the vast, VAST majority of those who believe unlimited or illegal immigration is a danger to stable, Western nations have asked only for executive and legal action on their part of their nations. They have never called for self-help or bloodshed.

Further, unlike the Islamist response in the wake of this evil act, the vast, VAST majority of those who believe unlimited Muslim immigration is a danger to Western nations have responded with horror and despair rather than celebrations.

Just sayin’

DQ here.  I think Book gets it exactly right.  Compare the Muslim street celebrations after 9/11 to the reaction of the Judeo-Christian West to this tragedy and you have a clear view of the difference between the two religions.