Another from Sadie, who is just full of good ideas, this time about whether cursive handwriting is needed

Not anymore and not in Wisconsin. Do we need cursive? Or is the next generation going to have an app for that. Even my generation of baby boomers pays their bills online. E-Weddings today and who knows E-Divorces tomorrow. Is this the
beginning of the end of handwriting analysis? And what about signing passports and drivers licenses? A thumb print, perhaps. Me, I am voting thumbs down. I still remember the thrill of connecting all those lovely letters into one flowing sentence. What about you?

 School officials in Indiana recently declared that students will no longer be required to learn cursive handwriting, which raises some interesting questions.  If “anyone” can grow up to be president in this great country of ours, how will our future leaders “sign” new bills into law? Instead of using numerous pens (one per letter, 11 in the case of President Barack Obama), will our future leaders use iPhones? Is there an app for that?
DQ here.  When I decided to go to law school in my 40s I had to learn to handwrite all over.  I ended up giving up and took all my notes in print, because my handwriting was completely illegible.  The only thing I handwrite now is my name, and that only because I’d be embarrassed not to.