How about a deal between the post office and Wal-Mart?

Sadie provided a link regarding the possible post office closings and a suggestion as follows:

The Postal Service is launching a study of thousands of local post offices for possible closure in an effort to save money.

The cash-strapped agency, which lost $8 billion last year, scheduled a briefing for Tuesday at which it is expected to announce the action.
Sadie here: Most supermarkets have a branch office of of one bank or another – why not the post office. Makes sense to me. Can’t understand why this wasn’t done ages ago. For the smaller rural towns how about the local gas station, closest hospital or the sheriff’s office. Where’s the suggestion box?
DQ here:  Can’t resist a s true story.  My local post office installed one of those machines where you can weigh and measure your package and have the machine spit out the postage label.  You just attach the label and put your package in the chute.  With a clang, you are done.  They put banners up all over that they were, thanks to the machine, open 24/7.  They then taped up the chute for two months!  I have no idea why.  Perhaps it was broken and took two months to fix.  Rather defeated the purpose of the machine, though, but the 24/7 banners stayed up.  You think if the post office was in a Wal-Mart the chute would have stayed broken for two months?