A good read

Sadie sent this to me a few days ago, and I’m just getting around to using it.  I agree that Robin of Berkeley looks like a good read.   Here’s Sadie’s comment and link:

Although, I haven’t gotten to the additional links (4) within the article, I think I counted no less than 16 of these ???????????????? and (1) video link, too. There’s enough cannon fodder here for both armies.

The Left’s War Within

The stirring up of class warfare and racial warfare has less to do with black and white then it has to do with how the left operates. They agitate people in order to divide and conquer. Read all about it in, Rules for Radicals, the left’s seminal play book.
Juan Williams, reporter and civil rights activist, penned an article back in the 80′s in the Washington Post, entitled, “If Liberals Need Riots, Let Whites Do It.” In this fiery piece, Williams lambasted the Left for using young blacks as cannon fodder, demanding that whites do the dirty work themselves. (Something that will never happen since white activists prefer trolling and blogging to getting their hands dirty — or bloodied.)
Less known about Cleaver is that, after going underground in Communist countries, he completely recanted his previous views. He became a Christian and a conservative. He wrote a sequel to his earlier autobiography, this one called, Soul on Fire. In it, he described his conversion from being a serial rapist who hated this country to being a patriotic, God-fearing man. All I can say about this is: Praise the Lord.
And, no, Soul on Fire, is not taught at the liberal-controlled public schools.