Just a thought about the poll saying Americans are mad at Congress

One of the last things I read before leaving the cruise ship this morning was a New York Times headline claiming that 82% of Americans are angry at Congress for focusing on deficit cutting rather than “job creation.”. (Translation: Americans hate job-destroying “terrorist” Tea Partiers.)

Assuming for the moment that this headline was an accurate representation of American thinking, I have only one thing to say: 40 years of “progressive” education in American public schools have left Americans dumb as posts.

Only in the world of academia does shoveling wealth into the government’s greedy maw create jobs of the kind that will lift an economy. Government doesn’t create wealth, it just prints money. Of course, if it’s a smart government, it creates a stable society that leaves as much money as possible in the its citiens’ hands, allowing them to use their innovation, energy, flexibity, adaptability and intelligence to come up with ideas for goods and services that create real jobs and lasting wealth.

If Americans truly think that entrusting their money to our current government will “create jobs,” rather than just sucking wealth out of the economy, they will effectively prove that America no longer has the collective intelligence to be a viable nation.